Ugaritic Translation Software

Free Translation software by Stephen S. Rives

Ugaritic Translation Software


 Download the Microsoft Windows UGRT software here

 This Windows software is a beta release, written for my own studies

 The INSTALL will ask you for a password. Use this password: mlk000

 The software contains:

1389 transliterated Ugaritic tablets

Full concordance searching

A version of Cyrus Gordon's dictionary

A second partial dictionary

A brute-force parser

 Known bugs/issues:

After installation, you may need to restart Windows for the fonts to work

Searching backwards in the tablets not working

My transliteration fonts are only functional, not lovely

There is nothing like a user's manual (yet) Some instructions are displayed on the first screen

 Please report any problems.


Ugarit (UGRT) is the ancient name for modern Ras Shamra which is in northern Syria on the Mediterranean coast. In 1928 a local farmer discovered--stumbled upon--the site, and in the following years thousands of cuneiform (wedge writing) texts were unearthed by French archaeologists. The languages of these cuneiform tablets is primarily Akkadian, Sumerian and Ugaritic (the last being an unknown language before 1928). The tablets all date to a time before 1200 B.C. (the approximate date when Ugarit was conquered and destroyed). As Michael David Coogan has it in Stories from Ancient Canaan, the texts are "diplomatic correspondence, legal records, remedies for horses' ailments, long lists of gods, offerings, supplies, and personnel, dictionaries of word equivalents in the various languages used in the city, and the oldest complete alphabet, with an order substantially the same as that of our own."

The install will ask you for a password, use this passowrd: mlk000